Issuance of
Corporate Bonds

Negotiable obligations are a mechanism to obtain funds in the capital market without resigning shareholding. Many companies use these bonds to raise capital, improve technology, implement projects, or refinance debt.

Small and medium-sized companies can issue these negotiable securities under a simplified public offering and listing regime. The maximum amount of an ON Pyme issue cannot exceed $ 15,000,000 per company.

Main benefits for the issuing company of a Negotiable debt security

  • Lower financial cost compared to other available alternatives.
  • Access to a large universe of investors.
  • The availability of a financing channel, even in difficult economic times.
  • A transparent financing system in which the structure of each issue is known as Rate, Term and Amortization.
  • The possibility of structuring the issue based on the flow of funds and other needs of the issuing company of the ND.
  • Access to new clients, suppliers and other sources of financing, such as banks, which results in the exposure that the company acquires when participating in the capital market. Which leads to an increase in the value of the issuing company.

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