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Know your investor profile

5 key questions to know your profile

    1. Which of the following phrases do you identify with?
    I never know or make investmentsI never made investments, but I know about some possibilities of investingI have made investments and I know some investment alternativesI have a lot of knowledge and experience in investments and I know the risks and profitability

    2. How long would you keep this investment?
    Less than 180 daysMore than 180 days1 to 2 yearsMore than 2 years

    3. When I invest my money, I am:
    Mostly concerned about the loss of value of my portfolioWorried about the loss and gain of value of my portfolioMost concerned about the value gains of my portfolio

    4. Suppose that in the last months the capital market lost 25%, what would you do?
    I would sell all my sharesI would sell part of my actionsNothingI would buy more shares

    5. Taking into account the following profitability scheme by type of investment, which one do you feel most comfortable with?
    Better: 16% / Average: 7% / Worse: -6%Better: 25% / Average: 9% / Worse: -12%Better: 34% / Average: 10% / Worse: -18%Better: 43% / Average: 12% / Worse: -24%Better: 50% / Average: 13% / Worse: -28%

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