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Mills Capital Markets

Mills Capital Markets S.A. is a Settlement and Compensation Agent and Comprehensive Trading Agent (“ALyC”) registered under No. 249 of the National Securities Commission and an Administration and Custody Agent of Common Investment Funds registered under No. 85 of the National Commission of Values. Mills Capital Markets S.A. It is not a financial institution, nor does it provide financial intermediation or carried out operations included in the Financial Entities Law No. 25,526.

The content of this website is for illustrative and informative purposes only and is not (is not intended to be, should not be considered and is not intended to replace under any circumstances, at any time and under any circumstances), an offer to buy or sell or a recommendation investment or contracting of securities, financial instruments or services, investment advice, generic advice or legal opinion.

Opinions on forecasts and / or estimates that may be reflected on this site could include financial market trend statements, investment techniques and strategies, and comments on the development of the markets, various financial products, returns and / or aspects or similar or equivalent subjects. Such estimates represent the judgment of the author at the date of issue of the content, but: (a) are purely illustrative and should not be considered as an offer or advice; (b) they could change without prior notice, there being no obligation to update, modify or correct them; and (c) may not necessarily be complete.

Furthermore, the user must be aware that: (a) there are certain risks (among others, market, interest rate or currency exchange, counterparty and concentration) uncertainties and factors (the market situation, factors macroeconomic, rules, guidelines, movements in national and international markets, changes in interest rates or exchange rates and a long etcetera) that could cause the results to be materially different than expected; (b) past returns do not guarantee or are indicative in any case of future returns; and (c) the value of the investments, as well as the income or income they generate, may decrease or increase depending on market conditions and is not guaranteed, and the amount initially invested may never be recovered. Therefore, Mills Capital Markets does not guarantee the accuracy of the Estimates and is not responsible for them.

The terms, conditions, prices or similar or equivalent aspects that may be exposed on this site are merely indicative and exclusively constitute preliminary terms subject to discussion and negotiation, and may change, among other reasons, due to variations in market circumstances and / or or legislative, jurisprudential or administrative doctrine modifications. Therefore, Mills Capital Markets S.A. is not bound by said terms until such time as the intervening parties decide to carry out a certain operation and establish the particular terms and conditions of said operation in the corresponding legal documentation.

The user who may become interested in the financial products that may be mentioned must be aware that, in addition to what is said in the rest of this warning: (a) the content of this website does not come to replace the exercise of its own judgment; (b) such financial products may not be suitable for your particular circumstances and, more specifically, for your investment objectives, your financial or equity position, your risk profile and / or your classification as an investor (retailer, professional or eligible counterparty) ; (c) the tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and this (or the legal, accounting or regulatory treatment) may change in the future; (d) its decisions must be based on the legal documentation that exists in each case (brochures, offer memos, management regulations, periodic reports or similar or equivalent documents) and not on the content of this website; and (e) there could be legal limitations or aspects to be taken into account derived, among other things, from the nationality or residence of the user and from the non-registration of the products in certain organizations or supervisors. Consequently, the user must make their own decisions, taking into account their particular circumstances and seeking specialized investment, tax, legal, regulatory, accounting or any other kind of advice that, where appropriate, may be required.

Any content may be modified without prior communication or notification, at any time and in any sense. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mills Capital Markets S.A. or the third parties that have produced the contents, have no periodic obligation to update, modify, or correct them with any periodicity.

Mills Capital Markets S.A. does not offer any express or implicit guarantee in relation to the contents of this website and does not accept any responsibility derived from them and, in particular, no responsibility for the cost or loss, direct or indirect, that may result from the use made of them.

None of the content may be copied, photocopied, duplicated or reproduced in any way, form or medium whatsoever, its appointment or its transmission or redistribution to third parties not being admissible without the written consent of Mills Capital Markets S.A.




The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) is a law passed by the United States Congress that aims to fight tax evasion by US taxpayers with financial accounts abroad.

It requires foreign entities to identify US taxpayers who, directly or indirectly, have financial accounts abroad and to report certain information to the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”).

Mills Capital Markets is registered with the IRS under the GIIN number 06A52B.99999.SL.032.